Thanks for attending my telephone town hall

We made almost 30,000 calls to people in the 48th district tonight. Over 6000 attended part of the town hall, with about 500 people on the call for most of the time, and 160 die-hards who stayed until the end. I’ve never had more than 200 people at a town hall before, so this reached people whom I would not have reached otherwise.

I still like the live events, and will mostly do those, but I’ll try to do 2 of these a year. They’re expensive, so I won’t do many.

People asked about spending money in smart ways on K-12 and I said I’d re-post my documents from last year. here they are:

Basic-Ed Funding Proposal 10-1

Basic Ed Finance 4 Page Overview

I also mentioned a chart I included in my newsletter about the growth in the state budget over time. I’ve included that here as well.

Growth of state revenues 9and budget) since 1981
Growth of state revenues 9and budget) since 1981


I look forward to returning the phone calls from people who left messages, and of, the rest of you as well.

Author: Ross

I am the Director of the Department of Early Learning for Washington State. I formerly represented the 48th Legislative District in the State House of Representatives, chairing the Appropriations committee and spent many a year at Microsoft.